Nintendo to launch Wii U console in November

The veteran games console manufacturer has announced that its latest iteration of the Wii will hit shelves before the end of the year.

by Michael Northcott
Last Updated: 21 Sep 2015

If you thought Nintendo had gone a bit quiet in recent years, you’d be, well, right. Since the launch of the Wii and the DS (both of which have been very popular to be fair) the company hasn’t done much in the way of bringing new products to market. But after a bit of radio silence, it has now revealed that the next newly overhauled console will be the Wii U, due to hit shelves across Europe on 30th November.

The console which comes in two grades – basic and premium (£186 and £217 respectively), comes with a new ‘GamePad’ (GameBoy, anyone?) featuring a 6-inch touchscreen for adding additional interactivity to games. The move has overtones of Sega’s doomed Dreamcast console back the day, but is sure to have Wii fans excited. The blend of simple graphics and physical movement in Wii gaming has made it a massive hit over the years with children and adults alike, who can share the gaming experience without having their thumbs simply glued to a boring controller.

Nintendo will be hoping the new console does particularly well because of shareholder unrest in recent months. The company’s share price has fallen by around 30% since March this year, with fears about the tablet PC market splitting Wii users between iPads and more dedicated games consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation. 

Still, tech pundits across the web are saying that the low price point could protect its slice of the market. Both Microsoft and Sony are expected to release new iterations of their consoles later this year too, but the Xbox and PS tend to be significantly pricier than a mere £217 when they first launch. At such a low price in the console market and the family appeal, the November launch date could make it a Christmas winner…

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