Not Posh enough? Beckham brother-in-law's bullying accusation

Darren Flood has taken his ex-boss to court after he was 'forced' out of his job for not arranging meetings with the star. Although he's not the only one having a tough time at work...

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 08 Sep 2011

A harrowing insight into the life of a celebrity relative today, after Posh Spice’s brother-in-law, Darren Flood, took his former employer to tribunal, accusing it of hounding him out of his job when he refused to arrange meetings with the Beckhams. Flood alleged that Tony Herbert, his boss at City inter-dealer broker BGC International, asked him to arrange trips for clients to meet the famous pair in Los Angeles and Milan – and when he didn’t come up with the goods, was told he ‘wasn’t good enough’ to be part of famille Beckham. Which has got to hurt…

Flood must be used to a certain amount of this sort of thing – after all, he’s been married to Louise, sister of La Beckham, since 2009 (incidentally, the wedding took place at Beckingham Palace. So Herbert clearly wasn’t the only one intent on cashing in on the connection). But he (rather wisely) asserts that he was uncomfortable using the relationship to leverage his standing at work. ‘Herbert knew [I was related to the Beckhams] and attempted to use it to the advantage of the clients,’ he said. ‘[But] I didn’t want to exploit the relationship.’  

Admittedly, it doesn’t sound like a great place to work. The punishment meted out when Flood failed to exploit his relationship with his famous brother-in-law seems like the least of his troubles: Herbert also allegedly subjected him to racist ‘taunting’ (he has an Indian grandmother), putting him in charge of ordering curries and suggesting he was going to buy him a beaded car seat ‘like an Indian cab driver’. That wasn’t all: apparently, Herbert was once seen screaming ‘f*ck you, you c*nt’ at him. Which isn’t, to our knowledge, recognised as an effective way to foster a pleasant working relationship.

Talking of nightmare bosses over-fond of the f-word, recently-ousted Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz has given her first interview since she was fired (over the phone) yesterday. It’s forthright stuff. In the interview with Fortune magazine, Bartz said Yahoo’s board had ‘f*cked me over’. Indeed: Bartz claimed that though she managed to cut costs and raise margins, the board was hankering after more growth in revenues – ‘even though they were told that we would not have revenue growth until 2012’. Ouch. Apparently, her decision to write an email informing Yahoo’s 14,000 employees that she had ‘just been fired over the phone’ was to ‘make sure that the employees don’t believe I’ve abandoned them,’ she said. ‘I would never abandon them. I have way too many purple clothes.’ Er – fair enough.

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