'Organise your day from the night before' - Studio 104's Jane Porter

You can see Jane speak at Inspiring Women Edinburgh on 17 March.

Last Updated: 26 Feb 2016

Where do you find the time for it all?

It’s a poignant question. You can do anything as long as you’ve the confidence. You can do so much in a day.

The secret is to be organised, and to prioritise. Stay focussed – organise your day from the night before. The first stress of the day is deciding what to wear, so put out your clothes and your bag. And write your to-do list; doing it the next day doesn’t work. My business mentor taught me that doing it the night before gets it all out of your head and lets you concentrate.

You’re in control; it’s your business – one of the biggest challenges is knowing when to say ‘no’, or ‘hold on’. The phone just doesn’t stop ringing, and you feel like you have to answer every call; take every meeting – especially when big names want to work with you.

I started saying ‘no’ the other week, actually. ‘Can they wait?’ You have to understand that it’s OK to do that.

What’s a typical Jane Porter day?

I get up early, but I still go to the gym to de-stress. I’m up at about 6.30am, in the gym by 7.30am, done by 8.30am, and then I go straight to work. There’ll usually be client meetings – often in five-star London hotels – then briefs, design meetings, product-development team sit-downs. And then there’s my other work. I wear a lot of hats – HR, marketing, accounts…

The phone often rings for a short-notice tender that could be worth £1m – but I like being on call. I usually go for it because it’s big.

My clients are the most exciting part – Studio 104 creates exclusively designed uniform for 5 star hotels, luxury brands, airlines, hospitality and many more sectors.

You do switch off sometimes, though, don’t you?

Yes, I have time to relax! I read interior-design magazines. Box-sets are great, too. And knowing a holiday is coming up helps. Sometimes getting out of London is good – I recommend long walks on the beach.

Studio 104 is a clothing company established in 2010. They create designer uniforms for luxury hotels and brands, airlines, retail and more. Hear more from founder Jane Porter at MT's Inspiring Women conference in Edinburgh on 17 March. 


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