About PA Consulting Group

PA Consulting Group is a consulting, technology and innovation firm who have taken a leading role in exploring the potential of wearable technology for enterprise.

They are among the first organisations in the world to work with clients on exploring enterprise use cases for wearable headsets and have developed a body-worn sensor for remote monitoring in healthcare.

Further work in healthcare has seen PA experts develop an FDA-approved foetal heart rate monitor and a microchip that monitors a person’s vital signs and can be embedded into wearable devices. They have also undertaken successful exploratory work for the use of wearable technology in enterprise with clients in retail, energy and utilities, life sciences, defence and consumer products and manufacturing sectors. 

“At PA Consulting Group, we believe in championing innovative solutions that make the difference to communities and organisations worldwide.  That’s why we are teaming up with Management Today to celebrate the exciting new possibilities that wearable technologies bring.”

hris Steel, Wearable technology expert, PA Consulting Group


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