The Parent Project: The new rules of commuting

When you're pregnant, travelling on public transport becomes a study in complex sociology.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The first few months are the worst.  There’s no outward sign you’re pregnant, but you feel vile and dread the Tube.  You feel a fraud asking for the ‘less able to stand’ seat without a bump – despite feeling sick, dizzy and tired.  Wearing a badge that says ‘Baby on Board’ is not possible for so many reasons, the obvious one (apart from misplaced vanity about wearing a stupid badge) being that colleagues don’t know yet. One morning I was fighting dizziness when a man, perhaps in his 60s, gazed over for a moment thoughtfully, before getting up and saying quietly ’You need this more than I do’.  I regretted not being able to express the depths of my gratitude. As your bump starts to show... [CONTINUED]

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