The Parent Project: What not to do when you're pregnant

I noticed a massive variety in what pregnant women allow themselves, and others, to do.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Take food. The NHS provides a pretty concise and sensible list of what to eat and what to avoid during pregnancy.  Having been inundated with various other bizarre and conflicting rules, my advice is to stick to it.  Definitely steer clear of books written by Americans and stay-at-home pregnant women if you want to retain a broad diet - which you will need if you're going to show up in boardrooms around the world and be able to eat enough for you and your crazy hormones.  

A few observations on national traits: the Serbians want you to eat soup and will provide it for you at all possible occasions; the Americans won’t let you eat lobster tail (and much more besides, but the tail seems a special sticking point; since it wasn’t on my NHS list I ate it anyway) or get within sniffing distance of a glass of wine; the Italians and Spanish are pretty relaxed about cheese, the French worry about the toxins on fruit and veg; and everyone agrees that anything goat-related is a bad idea.  I wonder what Heidi’s mother ate (did she die in childbirth?) [CONTINUED]

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The Parent Project: What not to do when you're pregnant

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