The Parent Project: How to plan maternity leave

Don't get sidelined in the planning of your own maternity leave. Make your preferences clear!

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

At some point, you need to talk to your boss about how you're going to manage your maternity leave. There is no ideal time for this conversation, and it may well happen unintentionally. But you can think ahead, and try to remember two or three points when the moment comes. Prepare to be influential!

What needs planning? Ask to set another specific meeting time to discuss handover, your role in it, communication during your leave, any Keeping in Touch days, and your plans for return (if you’re ready to discuss that). It’s surprising how often this conversation just doesn’t happen. Research shows the pregnant woman, despite being the expert on her own job role, is often side-lined in the planning of maternity cover... [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AND COMMENT]

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The Parent Project: How to plan maternity leave

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