The Parent Project: Working with morning sickness

Just how debilitating is morning sickness for pregnant working women? It can't be that bad - right?

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

MT blogger Christine Armstrong never used to think so – in fact, to her mind, it was a bit like those non-specific ailments you used to claim as an excuse for not wanting to go to school on Monday mornings. Until, that is, she experienced it first-hand. In her latest blog on The Parent Project, Christine talks about how hard it is to keep going into the office every day when ‘your entire world is reset in darkness, bile and tears’ – particularly since (at least to begin with) you can’t really tell any of your colleagues what the problem is. Have you suffered in a similar way, and if so how sympathetic was your work? Or as a manager, how have you tried to deal with the problem? We want to know. Click here to read Christine’s experience in the ‘Working with Morning Sickness’, and then tell us about yours…

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The Parent Project: Working with morning sickness

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