The part time heroes who wrote books in their spare time

POWER PART TIME 50: Meet three fabulous flexible workers who all used their days off to write books.

by Andrew Saunders
Last Updated: 05 Aug 2016
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Are you a power part-timer? Do you know one? Enter the fifth annual Power Part Time 50 here

The entries for the fifth annual Power Part Time 50 are open, and here at MT we’re on the look out for the most senior, successful and inspiring specimens of the breed once again.

And just to slay that old chestnut that a shorter working week is only really for parents with small kids, here are three great people from last year’s list who have all used their spare time for another very good reason - to become authors. We've all got a book in us, they say. Maybe working part-time helps to get it out.


Works 3 days a week

Thiago is part of the management team at AMV BBDO, the UK’s largest advertising agency, and is also a creative director. In the last year he led creative output in three winning global advertising pitches and ground-breaking campaigns for clients including Braun and Pepsi Max. Winner of numerous industry awards, Thiago was named ‘one of the 50 people that will shape the digital future’ by Revolution magazine and one of the UK’s best digital creative directors by Campaign magazine. Thiago works part time to spend time with his wife and two young children, and to focus on his second career as an author and illustrator of children’s books. His first book - 'The Zoomers' Handbook' - was published in October.


Works: 4 days a week

Helen leads the risk management product team in her role at Worldpay, a leader in global payments. On a typical day, Worldpay processes around 31 million mobile, online and in-store transactions worldwide. Helen defines and implements strategic initiatives to drive growth from Worldpay’s suite of anti-fraud products. She joined Worldpay in January 2015 after the birth of her second child, negotiating a four day week for a role advertised as full time. She has since defined a new product strategy and her team is on track to deliver 25% revenue growth. Helen spends her free day with her two young daughters and uses any spare time in the evenings to write: she is a published teen fiction author with two new titles coming out in 2016.


Works: 4 days a week

Claire is part of Save the Children International’s extended leadership team and has recently begun working with several trustees on the global board. She oversees employee engagement, reward and team effectiveness for 17,000 employees, leading a team of eight managers located across the world. Claire also sets the charity’s strategic direction for the function of child safeguarding. She was appointed to her role earlier this year, continuing a high-profile HR career that included leading a groundbreaking trial at Unilever, in which all job vacancies within a category were advertised as offering flexibility. In six months at Save the Children International, Claire has led its first global employee survey involving all employees. In September, her first book ‘Work-Life Symbiosis’ was published. She began working part time in February 2013 to spend more time with her family.

Are you a power part-timer? Do you know one? Enter the fifth annual Power Part Time 50 here


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