Part-time stars, full time inspirational

The nominations for this year's Power Part Time 50 are open. Here are a few of 2014's impressive stars to wet your whistle.

by Andrew Saunders
Last Updated: 24 Jul 2015


MT is partnering with flexible working specialist Timewise to encourage all you power part-timers out there to enter this year’s Power Part Time 50.

What’s that? We hear you cry. Well it’s a list intended to debunk the myth that you can’t have the commitment to hold down a big job working part time. So it’s a hand-picked selection of 50 seriously senior and impressive roles, done by equally seriously impressive people, all of them working part-time.

It doesn’t matter why you want to be part-time - Power Part-Timers don’t have to be female, parents, semi-retired or confirm to any of the other part-time stereotypes. Just doing a big job, part-time. Entrepreneurs, corporate types - we want to hear from all of you.

To get your juices flowing and encourage nominations for this year’s list, we’ll be showcasing a few of the stars of the 2014 Power Part Time 50 over the course of the summer, starting now. We think you’ll agree it’s something worth shouting about.

So don’t delay - nominate a Power Part-Timer today!

Gemma Cotton, principal, Bain & Co

Works 4 days a week

Since 2012, Cotton has chosen to work four days a week simply to achieve a better life balance, and has twice taken periods of extended leave. She is a principal (one level away from partner) in the London office of Big Three strategy consultancy Bain & Co, and also co-leads the firm’s graduate recruiting programme in the UK.

She has over 10 years’ consulting experience, with specific expertise in Retail Banking. She regularly advises senior executives key strategic issues including customer experience, distribution and organisational effectiveness. Cotton has been instrumental in making flexible working a viable and positive option for others at Bain.

Graham Poole, head of HR, Camelot

Works 9 day fortnight

When his wife returned to work after the birth of son James a couple of years ago, Poole requested flexible hours because he wanted to spend time with their new family member. Graham was part of the team that won the Irish lottery bid for Camelot, the international lottery operator owned by the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan. He currently spends two days a week in Dublin developing the project’s structure and working culture.

Poole’s successful part time working clearly demonstrates to other employees in the business that men can work flexibly in senior roles without negative impact on client service and performance. He has also facilitated flexible working patterns for several members of his own team.

Deborah Brooks, deputy director, Cabinet Office

Works 3.5 days a week

Senior civil servant and mother of two young children, Brooks is devoted to helping others progress their careers regardless of the hours they work. She is responsible for ensuring that departmental boards function effectively in Whitehall and overseeing recruitment of Non-Executive Board Members. She has led a number of significant projects co-ordinating policy on good governance.

Promoted whilst working part-time, she set up the Cabinet Office Part Time and Jobshare Network and organised the first cross civil-service event on job-sharing earlier this year.

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