Why co-creation leads to powerful digital innovation

IBM believes that close collaboration between diverse IT experts and industry insiders is the key to creating future-forward digital solutions

How your purpose attracts talent, customers – and growth

Join us for this important, interactive discussion on 20th September at 10am where EX leaders explain how a clear brand purpose drives business culture and employee and customer attraction – as well as learning ways to help your business successfully find and refocus its purpose.

Ocado Group: Slack helps unlock innovation

Ocado Group believes collaboration is the key to innovation. We speak to James Donkin, Ocado Technology’s CTO, to find out how it uses Slack to give its employees the autonomy to innovate.

How are entrepreneurs thriving in challenging times?

A new study finds the tech that’s a key indicator of business growth - read more.

Data overload keeps business owners up at night: we have answers

Management Today’s editor Kate Magee hosts an interactive session on straightening out that essential, infuriating digital life blood…

Use data to give your customers what they want

When you capture, transform and apply data, it improves both customer experience and brand competitiveness, says Tom Goodmanson, CEO of Calabrio.

Creating communities to enhance the world of work

Workspaces should be inspiring, accessible and drive connections, so that when people do come into the office, they want to be there, says Andrew Cooke, operations director at Bruntwood.

Digital agreement tools empower businesses to create, innovate and collaborate

Ronan Copeland, group vice president & general manager EMEA, DocuSign, explores how a pen and paper-free infrastructure is re-defining the world of work

How private equity partnership can help you grow your business

Whether it’s accelerating existing growth, making acquisitions or expanding overseas, private equity partnerships can help make growth a reality

Strong partnerships: an introduction to private equity

Private equity partnerships offer a range of opportunities for business leaders, explains LDC’s John Garner

Choose your words wisely to boost employee wellbeing

How you speak to your employees can affect your business, says report

Customer loyalty starts with empowering your employees

Making sure all staff members are valued and supported will inspire them to do their best for your customers

My Ambition: what I learned when I doubled revenues to £37m in 2 years

Richard Tredwin, former CEO of SRL Traffic Systems, explains how he helped the company realise its full potential to become a truly national provider

Five talent tactics to navigate the new world of work

This is Attraction Plus. The “Great Resignation” is neither a blip on the radar nor a one-time emergency for organisations looking to hire. From where we stand, it’s the beginning of an entirely new era…

Why technology should free us up to enjoy more human experiences

Dave Coplin, CEO and founder of business consultancy, the Envisioners, explains how we can harness the potential of technology to deliver better, more human results

The rise of urban innovation districts for science and tech

Innovation hubs in our cities can power the economy of the future and redefine the workplace as a democratised space for collaboration and productivity

Why your organisation must prioritise employee experience

To mark the release of the EX50 report, Zone, Cognizant Digital Experience, People Management Insight and Management Today came together on a collaborative webinar to discuss the billion dollar question: How do you give your people what they want?

Britain's Most Admired Companies: An interview with Entain's CFO

Entain took second place in Britain's Most Admired Companies 2021 and was the top rated in the leisure and hotels sector. The company's CFO and deputy CEO Rob Wood explains why.

3 ways finserv brands can increase customer loyalty

Landon Barnes, principal of CX strategy consulting at UserTesting, explains how a new index can help managers in financial services create empathy-driven experiences and keep their customers happy.

How to create a hybrid culture that drives competitive advantage

Being authentic and intentional lie at the heart of developing an inspiring environment that will attract and retain talent

How to resist the Great Resignation

Leaders need to act fast to bridge the employer-employee disconnect or continue to lose top talent

My Ambition: Building a global healthcare consultancy to improve patient care

Jan Steele, co-founder and non-executive director of Lucid Group reveals the steps she took to build an international business

Why leaders never stop learning

Successful leadership means upgrading your capacity to navigate a world of increasing complexity and uncertainty says Mike Vessey, managing partner of MDV Consulting

Robot-run mail rooms, lucid-dreaming, beach working: is this the future of work?

Campaign and Huawei UK asked four creatives to present what work looks like in 2071: here’s how they responded…

Why a digital-first approach is essential for business success

Purpose, transparency and increased flexibility are three ways to empower and retain your people

How robust is your organisation’s cybersecurity in the new hybrid workplace?

With many businesses employing flexible working for the long-term, Kelly Green, product manager at Intercity Technology, discusses the security implications and some solutions for your organisation

How employers can unlock cognitive diversity – and why it matters

Scottish Widows’ Responsible Investment Manager Lauren Peacock joined an expert panel to discuss why businesses should care about cognitive diversity and what they can do to unleash their employees’ potential and attract new, diverse talent

Work in 2071: a creative adventure

Conceptual designer Elspeth Watson believes work’s future will exist in our sleep

Work in 2071: a creative adventure

Curious about the future of work? Here’s how it looks through the eyes of freelance graphic designer Kieron Lewis