How enthusiastic are you about your firm's products and services? Very? Sorry, that's not enough.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

These days you need to be in love with them, to be 'passionate'. Many companies have embraced passion. Dog-lovers Churchill are 'passionate about insurance'. At Pret A Manger, they're 'Passionate about Food, Passionate about People, Passionate about Pret'. Even more impressively, the 'Passionate People' at Paragon, the laundry company, declare themselves 'Passionate about providing the best laundry solutions'. As a customer you might have your doubts. Not about a laundry company's unrequited love for your smalls, but about passion itself. Originally, passion meant suffering (see Mel Gibson's film for details) before settling down as any seriously disturbing emotion. To be passionate was to be furious. It still means to be less than rational. Isn't there something to be said for being calm, composed and impartial in business? Dispassionate, in fact?

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