Patience in adversity

Muhammad Ali. When 'The Greatest' headed to Zaire in 1974 for the Rumble in the Jungle against title-holder George Foreman, no-one gave him a chance.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

His opponent was an unbeaten bruiser seven years his junior who had won 37 of his 40 fights through knockouts, most of them inside three rounds. Ali understood his physical disadvantage and ditched the fancy footwork, instead targeting Foreman's one untested quality - stamina. His 'rope-a-dope' ploy involved lying on the ropes and dodging the blows that rained on him. Ali seemed to be taking a hiding, but he was dictating the fight - goading Foreman and moving his head swiftly to minimise the impact of his blows. After eight rounds, the sustained effort and African heat took its toll on the now-desperate Foreman and he ran out of gas. Ali seized his chance and laid him out. Try exercising some Ali-style patience and pick your moment to unleash your attack. That one-two combination of fox-like cunning and muscle will send your rivals reeling.

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