Pepsi power

Want to get a job with a big multinational? Try slagging off the industry they operate in. It seems to have worked for former Health Secretary Alan Milburn, who has landed a job with soft-drink giant PepsiCo as an advisor on nutritional issues. The man who famously described junk and processed food as a bigger threat to world health than AIDS will be paid £25,000 a year for his input on, among other things, Pepsi's strategic direction.

Last Updated: 06 Nov 2012

He will not be the lone Blairite at Pepsi however; the Prime Minister's former image guru Philip Gould has also been drafted in to offer ‘consumer insight'. Pepsi is clearly one of those firms which believes in having dissenters inside the Big Tent and pissing out rather than the other way round.

But before you start thinking that £25k for attending a few strategy meetings is money for old rope, think on. Britney Spears doubtless collects millions for her celebrity endorsement of the brand. But then, she does have to drink the stuff.

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