Philip Green, Owner of Arcadia and Bhs

How did Philip Green, whose shops can be found on nearly every UK high street, make his fortune?

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Who is he?

A maverick retail entrepreneur worth £1.85 billion. He is Britain's sixth-richest man and a Forbes billionaire.

How did he make his millions?

Green bought high street chain Jean Jeanie for £65,000 in 1984, sold it a year later for £3 million, then bought clothing store Amber Day with the proceeds, later selling his holding for £8 million. Green's big coup was to buy Bhs in 2000 for £200 million, increasing its profit nearly eightfold in two years to £92 million. He acquired Arcadia last year for £850 million. Its operating profit doubled this year to £227.9 million.

What's the secret of his success?

A brilliant dealmaker who knows what the masses want.

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