Charlie Rudd on turnarounds: "Build a beacon, don't do surgery"

The group CEO of three advertising agencies tells MT his tips for turnaround success, from focusing on gangs and little wins, to why he never runs to a meeting.

Experimental mindsets, parallelism and magpies - the secret innovation rules

PA Consulting's innovation chief takes MT inside the race to build 30,000 ventilators in just 8 weeks and other 'impossible' challenges.

Lessons in growing, then selling a business from a former spin doctor

Hanover Communications founder and executive chair Charles Lewington on the parallels between business and politics and why hard work isn’t the answer to everything.

“Leaders don't know how to lead in this new world”

Dr Michelle King on how the world of work is changing, why leaders are failing to adapt and the secrets to getting ahead in your career.

The Sun boss Dominic Carter: ‘Maintaining the status quo always means going backwards’

The Sun’s EVP, publisher Dominic Carter on the brand’s identity, why the status quo is worse than stagnation and his personal approach to leadership.

Communication lessons from a kidnap negotiator

Managing a successful business negotiation takes trust, curiosity and a healthy dose of emotional regulation.

A CIA analyst turned CEO’s lessons from the field

Former CIA analyst Rupal Patel on finding the secrets hidden in our daily ‘data’ that can improve our lives.

How to get the most out of your people

The UK is facing a productivity slump. FTSE 100 CEO André Lacroix advises leaders on how to boost employee engagement and, in turn, long-term productivity.

Athora president: “A leader’s job is to defuse problems”

In MT’s latest Leadership Lessons podcast, Athora president Michele Bareggi discusses the art of risk management, his Lehman Brothers experience and why leaders are there to fix problems.

How not to fail at retail

Paul Mills-Hicks, business consultant, ex-commercial director at Sainsbury’s and chairman of Sense Marketing, discusses the trends and challenges facing the FMCG sector and how retail leaders can attract more customers to their physical stores.

“There’s no longer an authoritarian approach to leadership”: Lessons from the leaders of the future

What can the leaders of the future teach us about the leadership of today?

“Don’t hesitate to make the change”: How one CEO led a successful restructure

Tim Hassett, chief executive of marketing agency Unlimited, outlines how he consolidated the business from 23 agencies to nine - while losing fewer than 50 employees.

From Bangladesh to Wall Street: The all-inclusive leader

Durreen Shahnaz, chief executive of Impact Investment Exchange, opens up about her time on Wall Street, the problem with greenwashing and the importance of inclusivity in business.

"It's like falling off a cliff": A personal story of burnout and its lessons

Jennifer Moss, entrepreneur and author of The Burnout Epidemic, tells MT about her experience of burnout and how she is preventing it from happening again.

When leadership becomes personal

Dr Charmaine Griffiths, the CEO of the British Heart Foundation, tells MT how she led the organisation through the Covid pandemic and how her professional purpose became personal.

How to be a neurodivergent leader

Michael Queenan, chief executive of Nephos Technology, takes us on a journey of self discovery as he grapples with being a CEO with autism.

Why monotony is the key to achieving ambitious things

Sir Michael Barber, the ‘deliverologist’ who famously set up and ran the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit for Tony Blair, argues great achievements are ground out through routine, regularity and monotony.

How to work with difficult people

In the latest episode of MT's Leadership Lessons podcast, Amy Gallo, the Harvard Business Review contributing editor and author helps leaders navigate the tricky conversations.

What one CEO learnt from going sober

Sam White, chief executive of Stella Insurance, tells MT about how becoming sober has made her a more confident leader.

The inside story of Eve Sleep’s demise

Cheryl Calverley was the CEO of Eve Sleep when it went into administration in October. She tells MT what happened, how to lead a failing business and the key to coping with the personal toll of failure.

"Leaders should slow the f*ck down", says CEO who nearly died of stress

Glow London's CEO Emma Harris nearly died when she had a stress-related cardiac arrest on a work trip. She tells her story and what she's changed as a result, in MT's new Leadership Lessons podcast.