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The popstars-turned-foodies sector just reached its singularity

... former Blur bassist Alex James has applied to trademark a line of drinks called 'Britpop'.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 14 Jan 2014

While Francois Hollande was busy trying (and failing) to distract everyone from his domestic transgressions, City AM reported that the popstars-turned-gastronomes sector (it’s niche, we’ll grant you) had quietly reached its singularity: former Blur bassist Alex James applied to trademark a new drink. Called ‘Britpop’.

James has form when it comes to naming foodstuffs: one of the cheeses produced on his Chipping Norton farm is called ‘Blue Monday’ (complex, creamy, with bold cracks, apparently). And to be fair, the fact that no one has thought of naming a line of fizzy drinks after the early-90s pop movement before is, frankly, astonishing.

Although James is familiar with the food market – he’s been producing cheeses since the early noughties – he hasn’t always been successful. In 2012, Asda dropped his ‘everyday’ cheese range, saying the flavours were ‘ahead of the their time’.

MT’s only concern is whether the rest of the Britpop pack – the likes of Suede, Oasis and the Stone Roses – will challenge James’ claim to the name before the patent is approved. Although Jarvis Cocker, lead singer of a rival 90s musical sensation, could always join forces with him to launch a smoothie brand. It would, of course, be called ‘Pulp’.

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