PR firm recruits a new breed of higher-up

A new appointment at Peregrine reminds us that even when times are tough, having a laugh may help you feather your nest...

by Dave Waller
Last Updated: 26 May 2011
It’s not often we flag up a self-serving press release from a PR company, but we’re going to make an honourable exception for the latest offering from Peregrine Communications – which has just announced the appointment of Perry the Peregrine as its ‘corporate mascot’. The three-year-old falcon, who’ll be responsible for ‘avian procreation’, apparently ‘joins Peregrine from The Nest, where he was an egg.’

‘We are delighted that a bird with Perry’s expertise and qualifications has joined our team,’ said Anthony Payne, Peregrine’s founder and CEO. ‘He is ideal as a Corporate Mascot Solution, as he will work for chicken feed, quite literally - and the occasional dead rodent, of course.’

By now you may have realized that the release from which we’re quoting has its tongue planted firmly in its cheek. We have no idea how Peregrine came up with such an idea (must have been a slow day in the office – and it’s a good job the company wasn’t called Pterodactyl PR). Still, Perry did give us claws for thought, so the tactic is clearly eye-catching if nothing else.

And while such frivolities may seem pointless, on the face of it, perhaps there’s a lesson here for others who may be struggling to find the funny side at work right now. It can never harm to have a sense of humour in business – particularly when times are tough. A spot of brightness, confidence and mucking about can make your team feel a lot better about corporate life in these austere times. Hence, presumably, Peregrine’s decision to get a falcon on board.

We should probably point out that said bird isn’t actually anywhere near the office. Perry remains in the wild in a nest in the Chichester area, so Peregrine has made a donation to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds for the right to stream images of the bird from a webcam trained on his nest. Which might seem a bit weird: surely filming him at home is a flagrant breach of the employer-employee contract? Let’s hope Perry doesn’t take that one to tribunal, or the costs could be sky-high.

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