Proof Morgan Stanley really doesn't get Twitter

The investment bank's brokers are finally being allowed to tweet, but their posts won't get approval for several hours. They may as well send letters.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 01 Jul 2014

Morgan Stanley’s brokers are finally being let loose on Twitter. More like emus on long leads than a flock of birds flying free, though – their tweets won’t even get approved for several hours.

The American investment bank had previously only let brokers tweet scripted company messages. Now it is slightly less unfun: if bankers take a 20 minute course, have at least 15 followers (not hard with all those fembots around) and have had their accounts approved they can actually (gasp) write tweets all on their own.

Morgan Stanley is the first brokerage to actually let people tweet themselves, according to the rather redundantly-titled executive director for digital marketing strategy Valentina Chtchedrine. Any messages have to go through a moderator, though, who may not say yea or nay for several hours.

Which entirely defeats the point of social media. Unless you’re Justin Bieber, no one’s going to follow you unless you’re spontaneous and have at least an inkling of non-corporate personality.

To be fair to it, Morgan Stanley is somewhat hamstrung by the industry’s self-regulation arm, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, which has told companies they have to keep a record of all their employees’ comings and goings online. Brokers aren’t allowed to write about certain types of investment or make forecasts, for example.

Not that anyone will follow them anyway, given that they’ll likely be dull as ditchwater. MT would recommend a gander at the bank’s financial advisers’ hilariously retro headshots, though. Here are some of our favourites:

Credit: Twitter - @Fred_RickanMS, @phatchel, @rich_p_owenMS

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