A quick tip for achieving strategic clarity

UKTV CEO Marcus Arthur on how he gets people to look beyond firefighting.

by Adam Gale
Last Updated: 28 May 2020

Anyone familiar with the Eisenhower matrix will know that there is always a balance between urgent and important work. During this unprecedented crisis, the top left corner of the matrix - urgent and important - looms larger than is comfortable, but that much is unavoidable.

The real test of our ability to respond to the crisis will be how far we are able to prioritise how we use what remains of our time. For a leader, this means achieving clarity over the strategy and how everyone's actions are advancing that strategy. 

In the short video below, UKTV's CEO Marcus Arthur tells us how he's adapted his leadership to help his team zero in on the most important things.

For the full interview with Marcus Arthur, where he discusses the challenges facing the TV industry, read this report

Image credit: Damien Meyer/AFP via Getty Images


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