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NextGen Awards: Your team has achieved phenomenal growth and deserves recognition. This is your opportunity to grab it.

by Management Today
Last Updated: 07 Jan 2020

Management Today’s inaugural NextGen awards celebrate the next generation of ground-breaking, high-growth private businesses. They recognise and celebrate Britain's rising companies. 

With a dozen categories, there are plenty of areas where you, your team or your staff can be rewarded. And what better way to kick off the new decade - but with so many categories and so much glory to be had, which awards should you go for? 

Here’s a quick breakdown on the categories to help you decide. 

You’re a bloody good leader – and your team agrees 

Enter our NextGen Leaders award. 

Open to all C-suite and director-level leaders, this award honours the ambitious and visionary leaders that are helping to build and grow world-class firms. You should provide evidence of business performance, leadership and growth, development of company culture, where available statistics on diversity and gender pay gap (and the explanation behind it) and what the individual has done to improve these within their organisation. 

You’re a line manager who cares about your team – and they’re soaring 

Enter our NextGen Manager award.

This award celebrates the outstanding contribution of team and department heads within Britain’s best private businesses. This award honours the ambitious and visionary managers that are helping to build and grow world-class firms.

Open to all those in a managerial, team leader, and head of department roles.

Your team has nailed it this year – and everyone’s feeling it 

Enter our NextGen Teams award. 

This award honours the most effective, efficient and forward-thinking teams that are helping to build and grow world-class businesses. From marketing and comms to HR and tech, this category is open to teams from all parts of the business.

You’re new to your company – but they don’t know what they did without you 

Enter our NextGen Rising Star award. 

Nominees can be of any age, but must be have joined the business or taken on their current role within the last two years. They must demonstrate exceptional skill, ambition and impact. We welcome entries from the individuals themselves or nominations from peers, company leaders and clients.

You've created a great culture at work and people are thriving because of it 

Enter our NextGen Culture award.

The culture of a company is crucial to recruiting and retaining top talent - and therefore the performance of the business overall. This award celebrates forward-thinking private businesses who have built and nurtured a positive workplace culture.

You’ve faced nothing but challenges this year but managed to turn it into a huge opportunity 

Enter our NextGen Transformer award. 

If a business is to survive, it must evolve, adapt and transform. This award is for private businesses that have successfully reinvented themselves, transforming their business model to supercharge growth and deliver outstanding results.

Your team had an amazing idea – and made it happen. Hats off 

Enter our NextGen Innovator award. 

This award recognises private businesses that have created ground-breaking and innovative new products or services with the potential to disrupt and reshape entire industries.

The award will be given to an organisation that has put effective and inspirational innovation at its heart, with tangible results.

You genuinely want to support, develop and empower people. And you have an incredible team to show for it

Enter our NextGen People Champion award. 

This award recognises the very best initiatives introduced by private businesses to train, upskill, diversify and take care of their workforce. Entrants will need to provide details of the initiative, the issue it helped to resolve and the overall business impact.

You care about more than the bottom line – you want to make the world a better place. And, this year, you’ve made a difference 

Enter our NextGen Impact award 

Business isn’t just about profit; it’s also about purpose. This award celebrates businesses as a force for good, highlighting their environmental and/or social impact on the wider community.

You put the customer first at every step – and it’s paid off 

Enter our NextGen Customer Excellence award

Customer service is often the external barometer for the success of a business.

This award is for outstanding and innovative solutions to managing customer relationships and problem solving.

Entrants should showcase initiatives they’ve introduced to delight customers - and stand out from their competitors.

You’ve created a beautiful brand that stands out – and people love it 

Enter our NextGen Branding award. 

This award recognises companies who are using innovative marketing techniques and creative strategies to build future household brands and stand out from the crowd.

Your business has had a stand-out year, and people need to know.

Yu can’t actually enter this award. Our judges will select the most outstanding business from the categories above. So get entering one, two, three or all of the categories above to stand a chance of winning this prestigious award. Make 2019 count. 

View the full category list and entry criteria for Management Today’s NextGen awards here


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