Recession lessons from YouTube

Weathering the economic storm, with the Onion, Saxondale, and Brass Eye.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

If you’re starting to feel the pinch as the credit crisis rolls on, you’re not alone. But it pays to be glad of your lot. As this debate from the Onion shows, the unfortunate rich are falling behind the super-rich and something must be done to help them.

The advice in a recession is to try not to downsize. Some even say it's a good time to recruit. But in tough times it’s important to know you’ve got the economic clout to take people on. Interviews should not go the way of Saxondale’s: ‘Lunch is provided; cheese and pickle, Mighty White’.

Overall its essential to stay confident and positive. Remember: things will get better. They could also be much worse. Just keep in mind Brass Eye’s report on the poverty-stricken town of Cowsick: ‘where bad is free, and society foots the bill’.

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