09.30 Welcome Remarks & Explanation of Key Features of the Digital Platform from Management Today

09:35 Going for the Long Win: Why we need to Redefine what Success means in our Future Workplaces

Keynote Presentation

The speech will cover:

        • The need to instil purpose at the heart of our work, so that we are measuring and defining success at a deeper level than any short-term metrics
        • How to create workplace cultures that enable employees to thrive, with a focus on purpose, inclusion, values at the heart of what is valued in the workplace
        • How to adopt a constant learning mindset in order to fuel adaptability and innovation

10:05 The Management Today Fireside Chat: How to create an Attractive Business and Culture

The interview will cover:

        • The power of your brand externally and internally
        • How to create a sense of belonging and togetherness throughout the company
        • How to communicate critical messages to your staff and stakeholders
        • How to encourage and support staff in times of crisis
        • What personal incentives and team activities can you put in place to create an inclusive culture
        • How have you brought people together since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic

10:40 Agile Talent Strategies

Ever-changing and challenging times for businesses require strategies that can also be adapted as and when needed.

This session will cover:

        • The solutions for talent management that can work for today, as well as for tomorrow
        • How do you develop your workforce to future proof your business?
        • How can you use your talent strategy to find a competitive advantage?

11:10 Unearth your skills gap and find the best talent

Panel Discussion

This panel discussion will bring three business leaders together to discuss the challenges they are facing right now in recruitment against a backdrop of upheaval. With people working remotely, traditional strategies and interview techniques have been turned upside down. How do you find the right employees for your organisation in 2021 and how do you onboard new starters?

Hear practical tips for leaders and learn:

  • How to assess what skills your organisation needs
  • How to create and advertise effectively for roles in the new world of work
  • What is the best practice for conducting virtual interviews
  • The tried and tested, successful initiatives that have developed talent and boosted business results
  • How to support new starters

11:50 The Drive to Build Back Better

Turbo Talk

This session will focus on the health and resilience of our teams and building back better.

  • What strategies can you put in place to make sure you are aware of any problems and are supporting everyone in your team?
  • How do you arm your employees to help their resilience?
  • What are the positives that can be gained from a new way of working and how do we use the lessons of the past year to build a better future?

12:15 Lunch Break & Opportunity to Network with other Attendees

Retain your staff and Grow your Business

1:15 Retention Strategies to Boost your Bottom Line

One of the biggest threats to businesses getting back on their feet after a difficult year of loss and trading, is staff turnover. It is absolutely essential that leaders are pivotal to the process of staff engagement and that retaining top talent is made a priority.

Hear two case studies on how businesses are working on staff retention, their strategies and plans on building a culture where people stay and thrive in their careers. This will be followed by a Q&A session with the two speakers.

Case Study 1

Engaging a Contingent Workforce

Businesses have to think smart and employ additional people when the need arises. Growth is often made possible because of freelancers and contractors being taken on for a short period of time.

    • Hear how to foster company loyalty and cohesion with a contingent workforce
    • Learn how to reshape your business model and benefit from employing temporary workers
Case Study 2

Restructuring your Workforce for Greater Gain

Our next session focuses on a business who have had to restructure their organisation over the past year by changing the roles and responsibilities of their people.

The speaker will cover:

  • How they reskilled and redeployed their staff when faced with challenges to their ability to trade
  • How they turned this into an opportunity
  • The importance of communication from the top and throughout the organisation

1:45 Q&A with both case study speakers

2:05 Retention Solutions - Why Work Anywhere Else!

Panel Discussion

Our second panel discussion will cover the strategies you need to put in place to create an inclusive powerful culture that people still benefit from remotely and therefore a company that people don’t want to leave.


  • How to pick the candidates that will last the longest
  • How AI can increasingly help employers retain talent and prevent employee turnover
  • How to be demonstrate consistency and clarity in your communication across the company
  • The importance of listening company-wide
  • How do you create an inclusive culture that works across the generations

2:45 Radical Rethinking: How to Lead Today’s Workforce into the Future

Our final interview of the day is with a pioneering business leader on creating opportunities, and managing and securing a pipeline of talented employees.

They will cover:

  • How to turn a threat to an opportunity
  • How to reimagine and reinvent your company structure
  • Succession planning across the business
  • What it takes for a business to thrive in today's climate

3:15 Closing remarks & Summation from Management Today

*Agenda subject to change