Reputation Matters

As the saying goes: it takes a lifetime to build a reputation, but a moment to lose it. 


Softonic CEO: ‘Having a female leader promote other female leaders has driven our ...

How Fiona Garvey, CEO of Softonic, achieved a near-zero gender pay gap.


Want a promotion? Just ask, says research

More than a quarter of UK leaders say they make decisions about who to promote,...

zero hour contracts

Managing staff in precarious work and zero-hours contracts

Half of workers in insecure work said their mental health was affected by shift cancellations....

pwc survey

Half of CEOs believe their business will fail in 10 years without reinvention, ...

CEOs are under pressure to make significant changes to ensure their organisations’ longevity.

Glassdoor UK

Glassdoor reveals the Best Places to Work in 2024

A winner returns to Glassdoor’s latest UK list.

24 words on 2024

What CEOs think other leaders should prioritise in 2024 - in 24 words ...

24 CEOs give their 24-cents on what leaders should prioritise for 2024.


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How to hire a CEO

How to hire a CEO

The role of a CEO is too important for the decision-making power to rest with...


A CEO's roadmap for building an inclusive environment for the neurodiverse

Steph Hamill, co-founder of Divergence Supplements, explains how leaders can create the right conditions for...


Why employee ownership trusts are not an easy option

Director of Waypoint Partners Gary Whyte explains why people need to be careful of EOTs....