Managing self-management: 7 steps for (finally) making it work

First up is ordering employees to be free...

AI creates gender bias in leadership

As AI creeps into every industry, there are concerns that its misinformation could negatively impact women at the top.

Show me the money: People prioritise higher salaries over purpose

Despite suggestions that Covid prompted people to find meaningful work, most people still prioritise money, new research finds.

Trust matters: Why organisations and leaders should rethink their approach

Henley Business School professor Dr Chris Dalton considers trust in management and leadership.

Bezos mocked for photo shoot that social media users say looks AI generated

MT’s round-up of this week’s talking points.

Organisational ghosts: A haunting legacy

Former leaders exude a huge amount of influence over an organisation, which raises questions about when it's time to let go of the past.

Are insider or outsider CEOs best for growth?

The answer is not so simple.

Why financial analysts are providing inadequate scrutiny of fraudulent CEOs

As FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried is convicted for perpetrating "one of the biggest financial frauds in US history", research finds analysts are often blinded by the "truth bias".

Musk tells PM artificial intelligence will eradicate the need to work

MT’s round-up of this week’s talking points.

Do companies think and feel?

If an organisation is perceived to have a full mind, like a human being, it is more likely to be judged positively than one that isn’t.

Insolvencies at 14-year high in April to September

Rising interest rates, debt levels and prices are seemingly to blame for the highest number of insolvencies since the 2008 financial crash.

Actually, women do ask for more pay

Studies show that women are more likely than men to negotiate their job – which often results in higher pay.

AirAsia chief sparks criticism with photo of topless massage during meeting

MT’s round-up of this week’s talking points.

Gender diversity and credit risk: analysing the 'glass cliff' theory

There is a tendency for women to succeed men in leadership positions when the firm is at high risk and the chances of success are low.

The unintended consequences of strong cultures

Strong cultures are touted as the answer to almost every workplace problem. But beware - they bring issues of their own.

Why vulnerable narcissistic leaders are the most dangerous

New research shows why leaders who are both narcissistic and vulnerable are terrible for business.

Ethical leaders attract talent

Leaders who espouse ethical beliefs are perceived to be kinder and fairer to their employees.

Generative AI: Three ways CEOs can gain commercial value

CEOs are facing increasing pressure to adopt generative AI, but many don't know where to invest to gain the most commercial value.

Proactivity is a high-stakes game

Being a proactive leader means nothing if you are not competent.

Half of workplaces failing to accommodate women suffering with hormonal conditions, says new research

Hormonal symptoms related to menstruation and the menopause can severely impact a woman’s career, but workplaces are lacking in inclusive features.

Foreign-born CEOs more likely to be dismissed, says new research

Leaders who were born in a different country from where they work are often held to higher standards, which increases their risk of dismissal.

Five things you need to know this week

MT’s round-up of five must-know nuggets from the working week.

Team lessons from the beautiful game

Football and business teams are not that different, finds new research. If a team loses a member, replace them as soon as possible, don't spread the workload around the remaining staff.

Older entrepreneurs hold the keys to game-changing innovation, says research

Governments and businesses neglect the latent innovation potential of older workers at their peril, new research suggests.

Five things you need to know this week

MT’s round-up of five must-know nuggets from the working week.

CEOs can use CSR reporting to signal skilled leadership – and reap rewards

CSR reporting doesn’t just have the potential to benefit organisations and the planet: leaders can also reap rewards in the form of enhanced reputation and compensation.

Why culture is the staple ingredient for business performance

UK CEOs are falling behind their international counterparts in prioritising workplace culture, with potentially detrimental effects, says Heidrick & Struggles research.

Wages grow ahead of predictions, while unemployment is up - ONS data

Vacancies are falling and the pool of available workers is increasing, according to the latest ONS figures, in signs that the labour market is loosening after a period of fierce competition for talent.

Why fortitude - not resilience - is the answer to surviving the business 'permacrisis'

Organisational fortitude is a key approach to battling the new business climate.

'It’s not me, it’s you': Why organisations need to fix themselves, not their female staff

New research shows that a woman’s personal circumstances, such as age, motherhood or menopause, have less impact on their decisions to stay employed than previously thought.

The benefits of leaving work at work

Leaders are more effective if they switch off in the evenings, finds new research. Taking a break is particularly important for new leaders.

The unintended consequences of playing dumb

Female leaders are more likely to withhold knowledge by playing dumb, whereas men rationalise why they are keeping schtum. These strategies can backfire.