Do it right: Generating publicity

Do something new. At a time of belt-tightening and intense competition, you need to shout even louder to be heard.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Don't undermine the brand. Your promotional choices announce your values, so make sure they fit. Trendy Smirnoff stages cabaret nights with DJs and acrobats; car dealer Ling Valentine appears as a missile-toting lunatic in Viz cartoons.

Have a hook. Promote the newest, biggest, oldest or strangest. And whether you're seeking stronger sales or more web traffic, or promoting a new product, tailor your activity to what you're selling.

Stay in control. Once you give something to the media, you don't own it anymore. Make sure what you're promoting can withstand the scrutiny. Your methods too: a high-profile skinnydip will probably backfire.

Keep finger on pulse. These days, there are many affordable ways to generate a buzz, from Facebook to viral videos. Use such channels with imagination and your reach is potentially massive.

Less is more. No-one respects a desperate publicity whore, so avoid overkill. You don't want your firm to induce groans of 'here we go again'.

It's all about integrity. Get attention for doing what you do well, rather than just shouting the loudest. An all-conquering campaign is pointless if you have nothing to offer when the rapacious hordes come knocking.

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