The rise of online recruitment

US Society for Human Resource Management recently polled HR professionals and found that 86% said they used internet job postings to recruit candidates.

by The Wall Street Journal
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2013

Whilst employers are turning to the net for recruitment in greater numbers, job hunters can still improve the way in which the use the medium to secure a new position.

For example, candidates often fail to use the advanced search facility, which would help to narrow down the search, or they sometimes get overwhelmed by the amount of information on job hunting sites and leave the site before discovering anything.

Also, people can look further afield than the usual job sites to find work. Networking sites such as LinkedIn, blogs and discussion boards are also good places to go to make connections, leading in some cases to new opportunities.

They can also learn some useful techniques to get the most out of job hunting on the internet. For instance, some employers don't state who they are when advertising jobs online. Candidates can try to get around this blind advertising by copying and pasting the firm's description of itself and putting the text into a search engine such as Google. If the text was copied from the firm's own website, it is likely to lead you to the advertiser. At the very least, it will help to prevent the embarrassment of applying to the company already employing you.

For more fruitful online job hunt, try search tools, blogs
Sarah E. Needleman
The Wall Street Journal, Tuesday 19 September, 2006

Review by Morice Mendoza

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