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RMT leader Bob Crow dies

The union leader once described as the 'most hated man in London' died last night, the RMT union confirmed this morning.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 11 Mar 2014

He was described variously as 'demented' and 'the most hated man in London', but there's no question Bob Crow, who died suddenly aged 52 last night, will be greatly missed. Even Boris Johnson (the source of that 'demented' quote, who had refused to meet with Crow for five years), tweeted:

In his 12 years at RMT leader he may have orchestrated enough tube strikes to infuriate even the most benign commuter, but he wasn't just fighting for the little guy.

In typical outspoken fashion, Crow featured in a Radio 4 debate last night, arguing in favour of a pay rise for MPs.

'I do believe they should have a pay rise,' he said. 'Some people might think that these MPs should live in a tent, they should have four to a room.

'I want my MP, particularly those who don't live in London who've got to travel down into work in London, to have decent accommodation to go home to. I want them to have a proper meal. I don't want them to scramble round the place.'

This morning the RMT union said its office would be closed for the rest of the day.

'The media have been asked to respect the privacy of Bob's friends and family at this difficult and distressing time.'


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