Your route to the top: Maintain Momentum

Find your flow. Set realistic goals that challenge you and you'll tap into what psychologists call 'flow'. Passion fuels momentum, so get excited about what you're doing.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Plan ahead. When starting a project, establish who'll be involved and in what capacity. Contact departments and individuals in advance to set up channels of communication. Sharing ideas will get everyone on board from the start.

Keep a sense of urgency. Communicate impending deadlines, explain consequences and reward quick turnaround.

Mix it up. Match each task to your energy levels throughout the day. If you're on best form first thing, work on something tricky and challenging, and leave the admin till later.

Check in. Tell a colleague what you're working on and ask them to review your output later in the day. Sharing the results will keep you on your toes and encourage others to keep up.

Know the risks. Write a list of hurdles that stand in the way of success. Ask colleagues with experience, research the pitfalls and know your team's culture. You can only prepare for potential problems if you're aware of them.

Delegate. Keep individuals involved in the project. They'll be motivated by knowing that success or failure is in their hands.

Get competitive. Share the results of other teams or firms working on similar projects to establish some healthy rivalry.

Take a break. If energy levels drain, spend five minutes on a task, then stop. Make some tea, check your personal e-mail or go somewhere that inspires you before doing another five. The interval will increase your focus and encourage clear thinking.

Keep the prize in mind. Stay focused on your ultimate goal by keeping visual teasers. Pictures, inspiring words and representations of the final results will pull you in and remind you what all your efforts are for.

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