Route to the top - Negotiating a pay rise

Collect the facts. What impact have you had on the business? Whether sealing a deal with a new client or leading the delivery of a new project, be clear what part you played.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

If you have the numbers to back it up, even better.

Know your worth. Understand not just your value in the market, but also the value of your job in the marketplace - there is a difference.

Know what your walk-away position is. Create a strong alternative in your mind. You are much more likely to negotiate confidently if you have something else up your sleeve.

Get to know your boss. Remember: building a relationship with them is like running a marathon, not a short sprint. It is not about merely talking to them in the week leading up to your meeting. Drip, drip, drip over time.

Cultivate allies. Changes to pay are rarely just down to your immediate superior. Think of the mood that surrounds the decision-makers. Who else has influence? What do they think you are worth?

Choose your moment. Make sure your boss is in the right mindset - don't approach them just before they start presenting to the board or heading off on holiday. Make sure they are able to give the matter the attention it needs.

Decide what to compromise on. What are you willing to accept? The negotiation is not just about the pay. You need to consider the benefits, responsibilities and hours too.

If you get knocked back, ask questions. Work together on the criteria you must meet to merit a pay rise. This will give you a clear focus. Can you show you are delivering on this?

Stay positive. If it doesn't go the way you planned, focus on the future.

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