Your route to the top - Realise your dream

Immerse yourself in the outcome. Dreams come at a price. So ponder the implications on your other aspirations and the consequence of following your dreams.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Work out the journey. Think clearly through the steps you must take in order to achieve your dream, as well as the dream itself. As Napoleon said: 'Plans are useless, but the act of planning is invaluable.'

Surround yourself with critical friends. Build a network of people who are on your side but will also tell you the truth. Business leaders, past clients and successful entrepreneurs can all act as mentors and guides along the way.

Persist. Keep at it and stick to your guns. Remember: dreams worth realising don't come easy.

Be flexible. Have a broad view of what you wish to achieve, but be prepared to compromise on how you make it happen. Many great inventions, including Coca-Cola and Post-It notes, came as a result of going off-track. By being flexible we often come up with something bigger and better - and sooner.

Timing is everything. Watch for trends, stay close to your audience, be patient and choose your moment carefully. The key to success is to be just ahead of the market but not aeons.

Be happy to fail. There will always be stumbling blocks on undertaking any worthwhile enterprise. Capture the insights, adapt and move on.

Approach it in stages. If it all seems too much and you find yourself stuck, focus on one thing at a time. Break it down into mini-milestones and just work on achieving the next step.

Avoid relying on your dream for self-esteem. When we draw our strength from many different parts of our life we're more likely to have the stamina to keep going.

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