Ryanair advertises vacancy for 'the worst job in PR'

The low cost airline has published a witty press release announcing that its head of communications is leaving, and as ever, the bombastic Michael O'Leary got his tuppence worth in.

by Michael Northcott
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2013

Stephen McNamara, who has been Ryanair’s director of communications for four years, has resigned to take up a similar post at the IRFU Irish rugby union, prompting a press release to advertise the vacancy.

Michael O’Leary said in the statement: ‘I would like to thank Stephen for the fantastic job he’s done for Ryanair over the last four years.  As a company that spends little on advertising, we rely on our Communications Department to generate loads of free PR, as well as responding to the never-ending series of absurd claims and fanciful stories that surface on a daily basis.  

‘Working in the calm waters of Irish rugby should prove a piece of cake after four years in Ryanair. We wish Stephen every success as he joins the IRFU, and hope that they will be as successful over the next four years, as Stephen and Ryanair has been over the last four. 

‘In the meantime we look forward to recruiting another brave soul to take on the ‘worst job in Irish PR’ and look forward to grooming the next candidate to take over the high profile and incredibly overpaid position as Ryanair’s Head of Communications.’

The firm also said in its statement that McNamara was ‘battered and abused by Michael O’Leary on one side and the European media on the other,’ and he ‘has decided to pursue an easier life’. It added: ‘Stephen will officially leave Ryanair on 7th February next, after an extensive round of lunches and dinners with his many friends and admirers in the media, all paid for by the Ryanair press entertainment budget of €3.94.’

incidentally, Ryanair has just been voted the worst short-haul airline in a survey by Which? magazine. In a survey of 5,500 people, it scored particularly badly in the categories of baggage allowance, boarding arrangements, seating allocation and food and beverages.

Still, if you're up for the challenge of the new role, you'd better be quick - the deadline's today.

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