Ryanair says it's broken the record for flying international passengers

The ballsy budget airline is definitely not over losing Aer Lingus.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 09 Sep 2015

Ryanair just keeps on gaining altitude – and it wants you to know all about it. The brash budget carrier claimed today that it’s the first airline to fly more than 10 million international passengers in a single calendar month.

It flew 10.1 million people in July, up 11% from last year. Meanwhile, the load factor (how full its planes are) rose 4% to a near-full capacity 95%. On a rolling annual basis, passenger numbers are now up 15% to 95.3 million.

That still puts it a long way below US airlines such as Delta, which claims to ‘serves more than 170 million customers’ (whom one assumes are indeed airborne) and United Airlines, on 140 million passengers. But a hefty proportion of those will be domestic fliers. And it’s clear skies ahead of budget rival easyJet, which flew 6.6 million people in June.

Kenny Jacobs, the airline’s chief marketing officer, couldn’t resist a dig at Aer Lingus (MT imagines mouthy chief exec Michael O’Leary was egging his lieutenant on). ‘We carried more customers in one month (10.14m in July) than Aer Lingus carried in a whole year (9.77m in 2014),’ he declared.

Ryanair tried and failed to buy the Irish flag carrier three times before finally being forced to sell its stake last month. It’s definitely not sore about that. Nope. Not at all.

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