Sainsbury's chills out on freezing guidelines

Stat of the day: £2bn - the amount that could be saved by shoppers each year if freezing guidelines on food packaging are changed.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

We know food wastage is a big problem in this country, but now the Government's Waste and Rescources Action Programme (Wrap) reckons we could save 800,000 tonnes of it - worth £2bn - if supermarkets did away with their 'freeze on day of purchase' guidelines, suggesting food can be frozen up to its 'use by' date instead.

Today, Sainsbury's has announced that it's planning to scrap 'freeze on day of purchase' labelling. 'As a large UK retailer, we have a responsibility to minimise food waste where possible and this new labelling will certainly help us do that, said Beth Hart, its head of product technology for fresh and frozen (try fitting that on a business card).

Admittedly, it'll only make a small dent on the 7.2m tonnes of food and drink households waste every year - but, as one of Sainsbury's rivals likes to put it, Every Little Helps...

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