Say au revoir to Europe with these Brexit buys

GEAR & GIZMOS: Here's a misty-eyed look at life in the pre-EU era.

by Adam Gale
Last Updated: 14 Jul 2016

Blue Nun, £5.50 (while stocks last)

Dinner parties were so much simpler before we joined the EU. Back in the days when calling someone a sommelier meant they'd sniff their armpit then give you a black eye, there was only one choice of wine for the sophisticated diner. Blue Nun's big sell is its versatility. You can pair this semi-sweet delight with any dish - prawn cocktail, chicken fricassée, black forest gateaux. And if that doesn't float your boat, there's always Mateus Rosé.

Rating 1/3

Laulhere Hats Alpin Merino Wool Beret,£42.95

In the good old days, you could spot a Frenchman from at least three furlongs. It was the hat that gave it away, often accompanied by a string of onions and a baguette for maximum stylistic impact (and the beginnings of a pleasant lunch). The soft yet durable beret is a fun way to reconnect with childhood memories of camping holidays in the Pyrenees, but make sure you place it correctly on your head, lest you look like a regular buffoon.

Rating 3/3

Lancia Beta Saloon, £50-£5,000

When Ford Cortinas and Vauxhall Cavaliers ruled the roads, the Lancia Beta was the last word in Italian automotive brio thanks to cutting-edge innovations like a five-speed gearbox and head restraints. Nostalgic Brexiters (is there another kind?) wanting to revisit this 70s icon may struggle however - thanks to an epic tendency to rust, it's easier to find a remainer in Romford than a roadworthy series one Beta. Not such a bella machina.

Rating 1/3

Filigrana Bolero Black Fibre Flamenco Castanets No6, €53.75

Are you missing those sultry 1960s evenings in Franco's Torremolinos? You don't need a visa to reconnect with the Spanish Buena Vida. Do it from a distance with these castanets. Black fibre gives a sharper sound than wooden models and is resistant to atmospheric changes that can fiddle with your flamenco. It might be worth taking a few lessons first though, unless you want your friends to run like the clappers. Flamenco outfit not included.

Rating 2/3

Main photo credit: Raul Lieberwirth/Flickr


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