Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur: Avoiding tax planning

Entrepreneurs are wasting so much time and money thinking about their tax bills at the moment.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

With no blog to post (thank God for Good Friday - though I suppose it was rather a mixed bag for Him) I found myself unusually blessed with evening leisure time last week. So to celebrate my new-found freedom, I actually went to a party on Thursday night. This is not an indulgence I allow myself very often; if they're any good, they usually scupper Friday. Anyway, as it turns out it was a really great do: the room was full of entrepreneurs, and we spent most of the night talking about tax. Now I know that probably doesn't sound like most people's idea of a brilliant bash. But entrepreneurs are a funny bunch at the best of times. And just at the moment, tax - or more specifically, how to pay less of it - seems to be top of mind for everyone... [CONTINUED]

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