Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur: Blessings in disguise

As with this coalition stuff, entrepreneurs have to be good at making a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Last Updated: 06 Nov 2012

Last week you may recall me banging on about how inefficient democracy was a means of getting stuff done. Well, judging by the apparently rapid progress of all the coalition stuff this week, I may yet have to eat my words (never my forte). I'm normally pretty cynical about politicians, but after watching the Dave & Nick love-in the other day, even I was left feeling reasonably upbeat about the chances of it working out. Who knows - maybe this will be a new political dawn, where former rivals put aside their personal animosities for the sake of the national interest.

Or maybe not.

Still, given all the dire warnings after the Election about how disastrous a hung Parliament would be, all this new-found coalition optimism got me thinking about something my old non-exec said to me a few years ago. It was just after my most important employee - the guy in charge of sales - decided to defect somewhere else for a pay deal that was about twice as much as I could afford to offer him.


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