Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur: Interview trial and error

Sometimes you need to start interviewing people to work out who you want. Though girls are tricky...

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

I interviewed my first potential COO this week. To be honest I was slightly bounced into it by that recruitment agent I met a while back, given that I haven't totally decided what the profile should be yet. Then again, I figured seeing someone would actually help on that score - I quite often use a recruitment process to work out exactly what I want. (I imagine this isn't exactly best practice, and I suspect my HR woman would probably have a coronary if she knew. But what the heck). So there I was, on Tuesday, interviewing this girl. I have to admit, she started at a fairly major disadvantage being from a recruitment agency. I do try to ignore it; to tell myself that the important thing is getting the right person for the job, whatever it takes. But it's quite hard not to think about the fact that hiring this person would cost me some exorbitant five-figure sum, to be paid in full within thirty days of her joining. Just what my cashflow doesn't need at the moment. The result is that I can't look at her without seeing pound signs flicker across her forehead. It's a bit like looking at a chocolate bar in a vending machine. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AND COMMENT]

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