Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur: A pain to train

Vocational postgrad courses always sound very worthy. But what's actually in it for me?

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

You may recall that last week my HR manager gave me a rather unexpected compliment, suggesting that the rest of the company might have a lot to learn from my interviewing prowess. I thought at the time that this was surprisingly nice of her, given that our normal conversations about interviewing involve her telling me about all the laws I’ve just broken. So it was interesting that one week later, she pulled me into a meeting room, and asked solemnly whether the business (i.e. me) would be willing to support her through a CIPD postgrad course. Would it be cynical of me to wonder if these two incidents were somehow linked? Aside from the perceived slight to my ego – which as you know is a delicate flower – the request left me facing rather a dilemma... [CONTINUED]

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