Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur: 'Rgds', or The death of good manners

So many people have no manners these days. Have you noticed that? I blame the internet.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

At risk of sounding like my Gran, whatever happened to common courtesy? I'm sure people were (marginally) politer ten years ago – when it took you ten minutes to load a single webpage via the dial-up, you needed a bit more patience. These days we have wi-fi and people have no patience at all, which just makes them ruder. Imagine how bad things will be if we ever actually get super-fast broadband? If you're wondering what sparked this sub-Daily Mail rant, it was an email exchange I had with one of our suppliers this week. I reckon this person may have got 'Seven Habits of Highly Influential People' or something for Christmas, because they've suddenly become unbelievably pushy - continually trying to push me into decisions and next steps that I don't really want to take. But much more annoying than that, she's started signing off her emails with ‘Rgds’. Of all the sign-offs in the world, there is nothing more irritating than 'Rgds'... [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AND COMMENT]

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