Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur: Save Dave? Fat chance

If that Macquarie guy worked for me, you wouldn't have been able to see him for dust.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

As part of my New Year charm offensive, I've decided to start taking a couple of my staff out for lunch every week. Nothing too posh, you understand (hey, there's a recession on), but somewhere that doesn't have nailed-down seats. The theory is that I can hang out with some of the people in the business that I don't normally see much and get a sense of how they're doing, while they get to ask me anything they like about what's going on in the business - and, naturally, receive a timely reminder of my lustrous brilliance and all-round good-egg-ness. I figure that if I do a couple of people a week, I basically get to see everyone once a quarter.

For this week's lunch, on Tuesday, I'd taken two of my more junior people to a posh burger place round the corner. Having exhausted all the formalities - how's work doing, how's your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ hamster doing, what are your worries, blah blah blah - we were just making idle chit-chat, and the conversation turned to that guy at Macquarie in Australia who got busted perving at pictures of Miranda Kerr in the background of a TV interview. What did I think, they wanted to know. [CLICK HERE TO COMMENT]

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