Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur: Sunshine on a gloomy day

Did George Osborne check the weather forecast before Budget day? If not, he should have done.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

I wonder if anyone has ever done a proper study of the relationship between the weather and GDP? (Google failed to enlighten me either way.) I ask because I was working from home on Tuesday, so I watched the Budget in my front room, with glorious sunshine pouring in through the windows. As a result, even as George stood there telling us how badly we were screwed, and just how much it would hurt to sort things out, I found it quite hard to be gloomy. Is it just me, or is nothing quite so bad when the sun's out?

Now admittedly I had more to celebrate than most after the Budget (lower corporation tax, wahey! higher entrepreneurs relief, wahey!). Generally speaking, there wasn't much good news in there for the general populace, what with all those nasty tax hikes and benefit cuts. But I reckon they were right to do it now, because bad news is a lot more digestible in the middle of summer, particularly when there’s football on.

Certainly none of my lot seemed particularly bothered about it the next day – they were far more worried about the England match (must remember for the future that this is a great time to bury bad news, if that’s not too Jo Moore). And I can’t imagine any of the boys in the pub on Wednesday afternoon would have even noticed the difference if their cost of their pint had gone up by 2.5%. Admittedly the outlook’s not so good if you work in the public sector (though I didn’t have much sympathy for those people moaning at Cameron and Clegg on the BBC about their two-year pay freeze – welcome to the real world, folks). But generally, I bet most people in the private sector didn’t lose much sleep over it. And the weather’s got to help.


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