Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur: Suppressing post-holiday blues

Should business owners ever admit they hate coming back from holiday just as much as everyone else?

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Do you know what I hate about coming back to work after a holiday? Everything. I hate the weather, I hate the early starts, I hate the commuting, I hate the air, I hate being inside, I hate having to make decisions... I basically hate all the things you have to do that you don't have to do on holiday (which was lovely, incidentally - thanks for asking).

But SD, why are you boring us with this self-indulgent whining, I hear you ask? Who doesn't find it hard getting back into the daily grind after a week in the sun? Tell us something we don't know, you may well scoff.

But the difference is, I think, that when you're in my position you feel almost duty-bound not to admit it. Every time I get back from holiday I lie through my teeth to people about how much I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, possibly even suggesting that my typing fingers were getting twitchy towards the back end of my week away (I mean this metaphorically, of course - you don't really think I'd go away without my BlackBerry, do you?).


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