Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur: Those who teach, can

Planning some interview coaching is a great way to work out how to interview...

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

First thing Monday morning, I had an email from my slightly unhinged HR Manager: 'Can we talk about interviewing?' it said. Naturally, I assumed she wanted to tell me off about something. As I may have mentioned, she's a bit of a stickler when it comes to rules and procedures and stuff, so it's almost impossible to do anything formal without her getting upset about something. Put it this way, I tend to get plenty of emails from her along the lines of: 'just wanted to flag this' or 'just wanted to clarify our position on that' or 'just as an FYI' or some other such mealy-mouthed nonsense - all of which basically translate to: 'are you absolutely insane, you heartless law-breaking harridan?' (I don't always - or even often - take much notice, but I guess it's a useful check and balance). Since it was only a few days after my interview with my first potential COO, I immediately started racking my brains to try and work out my latest HR faux pas. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AND COMMENT]

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