Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur: The upside of August

I know I've moaned about August a lot. But this week I realised that it also has its advantages.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

I know I've been whingeing a lot lately. But not this week. This week I had one of those weeks when lots of things (some big, some small) go right, and you end the week in a much better position than you started it. I think entrepreneurs desperately need that from time to time, because it reinforces your belief that you're on the right track, and it infuses the whole place with a bit of positive momentum - particularly useful after the slower summer months. Anyway, these were my three highlights:

1. Contrary to my expectations, and after a suspiciously slow start, it looks like we've had a really good August. I guess the good thing about everyone going away this month is that some people come back (unlike me, as discussed last week) with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and vigour - determined to make real inroads into the nether regions of their to-do list. And in some cases, that means they'll hire us to do some work for them. We've won three quite chunky projects since I got back from holiday, and although the money won't all show up in the August numbers (since we won't do all the work straight away) it definitely leaves this quarter looking a lot healthier.


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