Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur: Working to Live, and Vice-Versa

Despite what I said last week, I'm actually a big believer in people not working all the time.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

I've been feeling a bit chastened this week after reading Marge's comment on last week's blog: basically I'd been suggesting (in light of the ash cloud) that holidays were over-rated, and she (very politely) pointed out that not everyone was likely to share my enthusiasm for the job; that some people actually live for the weekend and their holidays.

This depressed me for two reasons. One, it makes me sound like an absolute loser who only cares about work. Whereas in fact I'm an exceptionally well-rounded individual. Well, sort of. I have friends, and wider interests, and all that kind of stuff. Admittedly I don't really see said friends as often as I probably should, and I don't really find time to indulge in said interests as much as I'd like to. But they do at least exist. I admit I probably spent more time thinking about work than the average person. But it's not like I'm obsessed about it to the exclusion of all else.. [CONTINUED]

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