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On 17th September two highly respected thinkers, Malcolm Gladwell and Steven Levitt, will come together at a full day conference in London at the QE2 Conference Centre.

by Benchmark for Business
Last Updated: 07 Jul 2014

The day will appeal to senior executives who "want to understand the world around them in a different way", say Benchmark for Business, the organisers of the event.

They also say that the two thinkers believe that the complex world is knowable provided one looks at events and ideas in the right way.

Gladwell is author of The Tipping Point in which he argues that ideas and behaviour can act in the same way as the outbreak of an infectious disease. In his second book, Blink, he looks at the instantaneous impressions we form in our minds and whether these are a good basis for making tough decisions.

Steven Levitt is co-author of Freakonomics and sees economics as the study of incentives. The day divides into a morning, with Gladwell speaking on themes emanating from his two books, followed by Levitt in the afternoon.

It is likely to be an entertaining and informative day even though the idea that these two erudite men might help you explore the "hidden meaning of…everything" is a touch ambitious.

Senior execs need new insights into understanding the world around them and how to look at it with fresh eyes. For £980 per individual, this might be money well spent. For further details go to:

Review by Morice Mendoza

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