The semi-naked truth

The beauty of mobile working is well documented - not least in the pages of MT - but a new survey has revealed the downside (or upside, depending on your point of view) of new technologies such as smartphones and PDAs. Many of which involve various states of undress.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010
According to the research by communications provider Avaya, which surveyed 2,200 managers across US, UK and Australia, 51% of workers have participated in conference calls wearing only a bathrobe, or less. Meanwhile 44% of chief execs said they wouldn't want to partake in video conferences because they often run the ship from home wearing pyjamas.

Surely this is taking the notion of dress-down days a little too far? The figures may make the concept of work far more appealing for slacker students, but it's hardly a good habit for long-term career prospects. Indeed, it seems to be a case of one rule for the captain, another for the galley slave - only 9% of more junior managers said they've logged on to a work event in their night clothes. This seems wise. Even if your current employer doesn't mind, joining a conference call in a set of Action Man PJs while dribbling milky Ricicles down your chin simply may not go down so well if you try it in your next job.

Indeed, there's a strong argument in the flexible working debate for keeping work as work and your free time free. Increasing amounts of people are apparently checking mail during weddings and even funerals. And the survey says smartphone users are twice as likely to take a call from a toilet than traditional mobile users. Is nothing sacred any more?

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