Service Excellence Awards 2006

We've all experienced individual moments of outstanding service - the shop assistant who was bubbling with enthusiasm, the person at the other end of the telephone who was prepared to go the extra mile to sort out our particular problem. The Service Excellence awards, on the other hand, are designed to recognise organisations for which the notion of customer service goes somewhat deeper. These are companies and bodies for which the ethos of delivering the very best service is deeply embedded - coded into their DNA.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

For such organisations, delivering excellent service to their customers is more than just a box to tick; it's a mission, and one that requires passion and intelligence in equal measure.

According to Nick Wilson, UK managing director of Unisys, service excellence is a business imperative that also delivers some key benefits. 'It is a competitive edge for the modern-day company and almost the "entry ticket price" for the market,' he says. 'Providing service of the highest standard will lead to repeat customers, referrals, references. And it will give happier employees, because they are proud of what they provide to clients.'

The companies and organisations that enter the awards have this much in common, he suggests: 'They are all proud of what they have done for their clients and they want their people and themselves to be recognised for their achievements. And, hopefully, to endorse that service excellence is something everyone of us in industry should foster and support.'

The winners of these awards certainly deserve to be celebrated. For excellent service not only makes our lives easier. It generates wealth, provides motivation and personal fulfilment for those who serve, and can put a smile on the face of even the most challenging customer.


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