09:25am: Welcome Remarks & Explanation of Key Features of the Digital Platform from Management Today

09.30am: Keynote Presentation: Setting Your Strategy for Growth

This session will cover:

  • The need to instil purpose at the heart of our work, so that we are measuring and defining success at a deeper level than any short-term metrics
  • How to set strategic goals that allow for growth
  • The components of strategic planning, what to include and what to omit
  • The pitfalls to be aware of when setting a new strategy
  • How to find a strategy that will make your company a market leader

Steve Challouma, General Manager UK, Birds Eye Ltd

10.05am: The Management Today Fireside Chat: Strategic Leadership

The interview will cover:

  • How to lead effectively and encourage strategic thinking across the business
  • How to spot opportunities for growth and capitalise on them
  • When to adopt new thinking and how to be bold and decisive in your actions
  • How to stay committed to a strategy - if you think it’s the way forward for business growth

Interviewed by: Kate Magee, Editor, Management Today

10:40am: Panel Discussion: Where Can You Grow? How to Find an Opportunity in Today's Market

The panel will discuss:

  • The growth sectors that are on the up
  • What trends are we seeing from businesses and consumers
  • How to exploit an opportunity when it comes your way

11:15am: Coffee Break/ Virtual Networking

11:45am: Turbo Talk: Turning Failure to Opportunity


  • When to accept your strategy isn’t working and change is necessary
  • How a shift in strategy can turn the results around for your business
  • Where to find innovation and how to encourage it across the organisation

12:05pm: Turbo Talk: Managing Your Strategy and Staying On Course


  • How to assess the optimal time for your strategy. When should a short-term strategy be extended?
  • How to assess what is working and what isn’t?
  • How to get buy-in from the board, your stakeholders and staff

12.25pm: Panel Discussion: Knowing Your Market and Spotting Trends

The panel will discuss:

  • How to identify opportunities in your market and remodel your strategy to reflect this
  • The importance of your vision and onboarding those around you
  • How to find an edge over your competitors
  • How to reach out to a new market and diversify your offering

William Reeve, CEO, Goodlord
Paul Schaffer, MD, Plum Play

1pm: Closing remarks & Summation from Management Today

*Agenda subject to change